Success Stories: Tumblr

Tumblr, the popular microblogging service is hitting 500 million page views a day, deals with 40,000 requests per second and sends more than a terabyte of data into its Hadoop cluster per day. But it wasn’t always a superhot startup that needed to serve 15 billion page views a month, and the story of how it morphed from wee to webscale makes a great case study over at High Scalability.

The biggest takeaways from the study, which is a must-read for developers and a must-skim for entrepreneurs building consumer-facing startups (seriously, the section on lessons learned and how to hire coders applies to y’all), are how it moved from a traditional open source Linux Apache, MySQL and PHP base to using a thin veneer of PHP code on top of bleeding-edge languages such as Scala and Finagle. The post notes that, while newer noSQL data stores like HBase and Redis are used, the bulk of the data is currently stored in a heavily partitioned MySQL set up and there is no plan to replace MySQL with HBase.

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