7 Tools for Investing in Startups Across Africa

VC4AfricaVC4Africa invites Angel Investors to engage hot startup founders from across the continent. With a Pro Account you gain exclusive access to business ventures raising capital, receive tailored alerts that match your specific investment criteria, can review venture documents online, and leverage our growing number of tools to cut due diligence costs. At the end of the day, the portal VC4Africa is building saves investors time and makes it easier to service investments from any device. This is core to our mission, offering investors a straight forward opportunity to meet and engage high potential high growth entrepreneurs.

What does VC4Africa give you?

1) Powerful services

VC4Africa delivers a powerful collaboration experience for both investors and entrepreneurs. See which ventures are fundraising, follow the progress of ventures you like, review the terms of each deal, access private documents, co-invest with others, or lead your own deal. Connect with our team as we link up opportunities and join one of the many programs or events we support and engage as a community.

2) Alerts tailored to your investment criteria