D.C. Accelerator Celebrates African Innovators at Tech Afrique


The many startups and accelerators popping up across the African continent have attracted much attention from stateside techies and major corporations. However, what have yet to be highlighted are the entrepreneurs championing African innovation in our own backyard.

The Washington, D.C., accelerator tiphub recently teamed up with the Maryland-based advisory group Mansa Colabs to do just that by hosting Tech Afrique Weekend. 

A three-day celebration of bridging the Atlantic and connecting creators across the globe, the event kicked off in D.C. on April 26 with a hackathon for RevisionPrep. 

"It's great to see entrepreneurs who can talk about what they've created but also tie in their passion and a larger mission," Chika Umeadi, tiphub co-founder and community manager, told BET.com in an email. 

Students, coders, engineers and business-development professionals formed teams to assist the youth-led startup in identifying opportunities and challenges in market size, thinking through curriculum materials, conceptualizing user-experience and predicting back-end data-collection needs. 

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