iMENTORS: Find ICT4D Partners On A Map


VENTURES AFRICA –Sub-Saharan Africa has witnessed dramatic growth in ICT access the past few years – and whilst being the fastest growing region for e-infrastructure development, lack of accurate knowledge on past and current development projects creates uncertainties that hamper the effectiveness of investments.

Speaking to Ventures Africa, Louis Papaemmanuel, Director of the iMENTORS project, said that “in Africa double or ineffective investments and the uncoordinated nature of development activities are major impediments to any increased impact of investments. This is where iMENTORS comes in.”

Co-funded by the European Commission’s DG CONNECT under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and launched in April 2012 by the eGovlab and the SPIDER center of Stockholm University as well as international non-governmental organization, Gov2u, iMENTORS is a web-based platform aiming at enhancing the coordination, impact and sustainability of international initiatives on ICT in Africa.

By mapping every stakeholder organisations and all ICT projects rolled out in the past five years in Sub-Saharan Africa, the platform will become the most comprehensive knowledge broker for ICT investments in this part of the world.

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