The Innovation Prize for Africa

emerging-market-startups-innovationThe best way to predict the future is to create it! The Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) is
committed to building a promising future by investing in Africa’s capacity is to cultivate
local innovation and entrepreneurship. Creating African-led solutions to every day
challenges is critical to sustaining and expanding Africa’s economic growth.

The IPA invests in Africa’s greatest resources – its human capital, and encourages
Africans to develop creative ways to overcome everyday challenges. The prize mobilizes
African innovators and entrepreneurs by providing USD 150,000 to winners who deliver
market oriented solutions for African-led development.

In 2012, the IPA winner, Prof Mohamed Sanad, received USD 100,000 for creating a lightweight antenna that leapfrogs current solutions to provide better mobile access. IPA 2013 winner, AgriProtein, uses fly larvae to produce protein for animal feed. These are practical solutions that make a profound difference in people’s lives. The IPA recognizes that Africa has no shortage of good ideas to develop the continent, just a lack of resources to fund them… Learn more and apply now.

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