How will these startups help shape the future of South African transport?

emerging market startups Elon muskThink what the future of transport will look like in South Africa in a few decades time. Okay, there probably won’t be flying cars or Elon Musk-ish hyperloops. It’s more likely going to be along the lines of peer-to-peer data sharing or having access to all your travel information in the palm of your hand. There are a number of trending startups that could potentially give us an indication of what South Africa’s public transport might look like in the future.

Other than using private transport for long distance commuting in South Africa, there’s the cheaper, popular option of using Metrorail which is less safe, more unreliable and heavily outdated. In order to better this service, GoMetro is an app that provides train timetables, schedule changes, service updates and other news to commuters while also posting real-time, up to the minute train schedules and associated platform changes. You’ll literally get more information from this app than what you’ll get from Metrorail staff themselves.

It’s also focusing on giving the passenger overall better entertainment as it partnered with online music distributor iROKING last year to bring free music to the masses.

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