The iHub: 2 Years Later (Infographic)

Founded just under 2 years ago, the *iHub_ – Nairobi’s Innovation Hub has grown tremendously to become the go to place for all things techie in East Africa. This space is home to many of Kenya’s young entrepreneurs, web and mobile phone programmers, designers and researchers. It also acts as a nexus point for these to interact with our network of investors and VCs while providing them with a co-working space.

So many factors have come together to see the iHub become what it is today, from it’s backbone, the 20MB internet connection from Zuku to it’s community to the core management team.

As entrepreneurs engage with their peers and bounced ideas off each other, a culture of open innovation is nurtured and coupled with a creative atmosphere provided by the iHub, has given rise to new promising startups and technologies. With an average membership age of about 24 years, these youth are embracing technology in innovative ways, a move that is reverberating with positive impact on society and economy and slowly placing Africa, and especially East Africa on the tech. globe.

Within these two short years, the iHub model has stood out as one of great impact to the local tech scene and more and more young people are embracing the idea of co-working and incubation for their young ventures. As a result of constant interaction through collaborations and meet-ups, a solid network and synergistic tech community has grown in Nairobi.

iHub started as a blank canvas for the tech community to make what they wished of it and create a culture around it. We took a step back to assess what the iHub has become, who and what make it work and from this, charter a greater path forward.

We therefore present to you with a visual representation of where the iHub has come from and what our statistics are currently.

Read more about iHub and see the full graphic >>


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