Interview with Againe Sharon, Agasha Business Network

orangeInterview with Againe Sharon

Againe Sharon with the project “Agasha Business Network” has won the second prize of Orange African Social Venture. Agasha Business Network is an internet marketing agency that promotes and connects small and medium size enterprises , (SMEs), maily in Africa, and has few options of accessing to the global market.

Could you tell us a little more about yourself, your background?

Personal Qualities and brief History

I am a hardworking, resilient, proactive, persistent and focused person with great skills in social entrepreneurship, leadership and teamwork. I acquired entrepreneurship skills from hands-on business projects at school, through internships and running family small businesses.

I was born shortly after the separation of my parents. My auntie took care of me during my infant education stage. After her death, i was passed to my grandmother who look after me for all my primary school education. Since she could not offord school fees, i went to live with my uncle who catered for my secondary school education. Fortunately, i acquired a government sponsorship to join Makarere University where i won a full scholarship to study from EARTH University in Costa Rica. On returning home, my uncle (guardian) had passed away and i went to live with my former secondary teacher. I am currently staying at my other uncle’s place.

Education Background

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences from EARTH University, Costa Rica and a certificate in dynamic website development from Makarere University, Uganda. I have won various titles, scholarships and awards on merit based on my performance excellence and good personal qualities.

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