Interactivism Young People’s Hack Weekend

hacktivismGoogle’s Interactivism is back with all new partners and a new challenge for you. Google and FutureGov have joined forces with practical think tank, the RSA and some brilliant young people from the South London youth communications agency, Livity. For round two, Interactivism: Young People’s Hack Weekend is all about finding a NEET solution (pun intended) to come up with innovative ways of using the web to help young people get into the job they want, or onto the training or education that will help them get there in the future.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, for us, a hack is an event where computer developers, designers and people with ideas come together to build real, working prototypes (or models) of their ideas in a short amount of time.

Our panel of judges have shortlisted ten ideas (click here to see which ten they are) that will be worked during our two-day Interactivism – Young People’s Hack Weekend on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th February 2012. The event will be held in Ravensbourne, a digital media and design university sector college, based next to the O2 Arena in Greenwich, London. There, people with ideas will team up with top-notch student developers, Googlers, young people, people who work with young people, designers and social innovators to turn those ideas into working prototypes.

If you want to attend the Hack Weekend, please book your ticket here on our Interactivism Eventbrite page here.

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