India Internet Group (IIG) Venture Competition

The India Internet Group invests in India-focused early stage internet and mobile technology startups. With offices in Mumbai and New York, IIG seeks to also facilitate cross-pollination of ideas, technologies and startups between the U.S. and India.

The firm takes a hands-on approach and provides talented, driven entrepreneurs with on-the-ground management strategy and execution. The firm is led by Nihal Mehta and Anirudh Suri, who collectively bring vast experience in entrepreneurship, investing and managing with deep industry knowledge and relationships in the mobile space across the public and private sectors.

Investment Profile

Stage – We invest in early stage startups, the earlier the better
Size – We can invest as little as $25k to $100k and as much as $300 to 500k, depending on the stage of the startup and its needs.
Sectors – We’re 100% focused on mobile and internet startups.

India Internet Group (IIG) has launched a unique India-focused venture competition in the U.S. Targeted at promising entrepreneurs living, working or studying in the U.S., the venture competition seeks to identify and support plans for innovative, India-focused internet or mobile technology businesses.

One of the primary goals of the India Internet Group is to facilitate cross-pollination of ideas, technologies and startups between the U.S. and India. IIG believes there are several talented entrepreneurs in the U.S. who are interested in moving to India to pursue their entrepreneurial ideas but often face difficulties in transitioning to India. To help facilitate their transition, IIG will provide the selected entrepreneurs initial seed funding as well as access to its vast network of relationships and mentors in India, along with other resources such as office space, hiring managers and legal advisors.


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