Open Aid

What is the Open Aid Partnership?

The Open Aid Partnership brings together development partners from developing countries and donor countries to increase the transparency of development aid and how it is reported. Partners will make information and data on their activities available in an easily accessible way. This will help to inform citizens at the local level and empower them to provide feedback on services received.

The goals of the partnership are to
improve aid transparency and coordination by developing an Open Aid Map that visualizes the location of donor-financed programs at the local level
better monitor the impact of development programs on citizens
enhance the targeting of development programs
foster accountability by empowering citizens to provide direct feedback on project results
strengthen capacity of civil society and citizens to use open aid data

Malawi is leading the first Open Aid pilot. The Malawi Ministry of Finance, Debt and Aid Coordination Unit (DACU) in cooperation with AidData and University of Texas Strauss Center’s Climate Change and African Political Stability (CCAPS) Program has geo-coded aid activities from 27 different donors working across the country.


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